Society needs to stop promoting casual sex

The Dec. 12 letter calling for teen access to emergency contraception brought up some questions to ponder. We, as a society and based on studies and evidence, have come to the conclusion that drinking, smoking and taking drugs are bad for teens, so there have been programs set up to discourage that behavior and laws to restrict the use of those substances. So why does society treat sexual behavior by teens as a given? The writer calls for contraceptives so that teens can act “responsibly.” How about calling for responsible behavior before a sexual act takes place? It takes a lot more to engage in sexual behavior than it does to smoke, drink or pop a pill, yet we expect our teens to display self-control with the latter and not the former.

Many problems can occur when people of any age, but especially teens, engage in sex casually. So many of the social ills of our times were unheard of in past generations. Why is that? Human beings are capable of great virtue and discipline. How life-giving it is for our young to be encouraged in virtue; to be able to delay gratification for a greater good. For those who think I am promoting going back to the Dark Ages, look at the statistics. It is very dark right now, but because we are human and can decide to live virtuously, there is hope that can be based on our action, especially with our youth.

Mary Roaldi