Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending Nov. 9.


1833 Arlington Drive, Jennifer L. Hsu; John P. Hsu to Craig S. Biden; Debbie L. Biden, $269,000.
1071 Clearview Drive, Norma J. Wichlac to David Anasiewicz, $45,000.



Highest price: $1,400,000?

Average price: $177,214?

Median price: $153,900?

Number of Sales: 54

3620-24 Sheridan Drive, A&M Global Management Corporation to Daisy Holdings, $1,400,000.
160 Fairlawn Drive, Kirsten Lawley; Michael R. Lawley to Ronald A. Raccuia; Melissa M. Raccuia, $455,000.
1880-1990 Sweet Home Road, Asbury United Partners to Clover Communities Sweethome, $446,160.
457 North Rockingham Way, Forbes Homes Inc. to Jon V. Riolo, $389,900.
48 Shellridge Drive, David A. Bangert to Russell T. Eiser; Ana J. Eiser, $290,000.
18 Pino Alto Court, Helene Carland; Robert J. Carland to Lesley A. Jordans; Robert J. Ellison, $280,000.
89 Amherstdale Road, Richard L. Mugel; Tamara G. Mugel to Amy L. Quinlan; Patrick A. Quinlan, $260,000.
302 Ruskin Road, Daniel J. Scully; Carol H. Scully to Michelle M. Wardzinski, $255,000.
2 Meadow Springs Court, Perry S. Nicholas; Francine E. Nicholas to Jianqiang Wang, $243,800.
100 Tralee Terrace, Celtic Enterprises Inc. to Sean P. Lillis; Kim M. Lillis, $230,000.
66 Pfohl Place, William Stoeckel; Laura L. Stoeckel to Trey J. Johnson; Jennifer A. Johnson, $224,900.
136 Sundown Trail, Carolyn Nerber; Arthur Nerber to Charles T. Simet, $207,000.
550 Cottonwood Drive, Margaret Lyons; Patrick Lyons to Brian C. Blake, $200,000.
35 Fawn Meadows Court, Jon V. Riolo to Yoshie Fanara; Michael P. Fanara, $195,000.
133 Fleetwood Terrace, Stephen A. Tripi to Kristine M. Griffiths, $190,000.
45 Morningside Lane, Nancy C. Arlidge; Joseph E. Spaulding to Stanley B. Morgante, $190,000.
336 Berryman Drive, Loretta R. Miller to Dennis P. Liberatore; Gloria R. Ruggiero, $189,000.
164 Marine Drive, Margaret Hodges to James R. McClellan, $176,000.
50 Troy Del Way, Joseph M. Parisi to Tyler Dash, $175,001.
14 Sandelwood Court, Ali Khan Pervez; Nighat Pervez to Shannon E. Budin; Eric M. Budin, $174,000.
409 Washington Highway, Samantha L. Ryan to Michael A. Kopsa; Maria M. Kopsa, $172,000.
33 Labelle Terrace, Mary C. Graziadei; Michael J. Graziadei to Michele A. Witmer; Todd C. Witmer, $167,000.
3900 Bailey Ave., Allen Coniglio to Hau Nung Lam; Zhen Qiu Lam, $165,000.
71 Shady Grove Drive, Robert C. Hoessel; Robert C. Hoesel; Grace C. Hoessel; Grace C. Hoesel to Paula M. Schiappa, $165,000.
73 Callodine Ave., Allen Coniglio to Hau Nung Lam; Zhen Qiu Lam, $165,000.
286 Brockmoore Drive, Jessica Vitale to Elizabeth A. Forster, $158,101.
161 Lafayette Blvd., Richard Lafountain; Gina Lafountain to James R. Lafountain Sr., $155,000.
38 Halwill Drive, Mary Ann O'Connell to Domenic C. Damore, $152,800.
47 Shady Grove Drive, Jeffery A. Selnick to Betty D. Barrett, $152,000.
862 Edgewater Drive, Janette D. Macritchie to Paul Moukperian; Melissa Moukperian, $150,250.
20 Dann Road, Celtic Enterprises Inc. to Sean P. Lillis; Kim M. Lillis, $150,000.
372 Hendricks Blvd., Andrew A. Borden; Rachel E. Borden to Brandon P. Jonas, $137,000.
970 Hopkins Road, Elizabeth A. Scherer to Arthur Gellman, $137,000.
426 Burroughs Drive, Patty J. Kepler; Carol S. Brigham; Barbara R. Pratt to Jonathon M. Gondek, $132,000.
1 Beacon Park, Mark A. Bortz to Prameela Rebala, $117,000.
569 Burroughs Drive, Donald R. Warren to Pamela J. Spath, $102,000.
409 Lakewood Parkway, Otto H. Lindemann; Carol E. Lindemann to Deborah K. Stephens, $100,000.
360 Grover Cleveland Highway, Barbara P. Carlson; Alexandra C. Carlson to Yolanda C. White, $86,000.
66 Arcadian Drive, Rockingham Estates to Charlene Zoratti; Thomas M. Zoratti, $80,000.
83 Daigler Court, CL&F Development to Arthur D. Nerber; Carolyn C. Nerber, $76,000.
160 Collins Lane, 2615 Millersport Highway Llc to Natale Building Corp., $75,000.
412 Lakewood Parkway, Geraldine Valone; James Valone; James S. Valone; Geraldine A. Valone to Kenneth Bryan; Benjamin Edward Bryan, $75,000.
42 Hirschfield Drive, Heather A. Voss to Mary Ellen Canada, $75,000.
203 Old Meadow Drive, Adeline Thurston to Patricia Hoyt, $73,500.
203 Old Meadow Drive, Janice M. Schuler to Patricia Hoyt, $73,500.
223 Buckeye Road, Adam Saleh to Charity L. Mathewson, $63,000.
89A Foxberry Drive, Mark D. Mitschang; Diane L. Caruana to Colleen M. Sterner, $62,667.
125 Rosedale Blvd., Alice Joan Landel to Thomas J. Doran, $61,000.
597 Grover Cleveland Highway, Carol A. Wysocki to Fred Stanton, $40,000.
89A Foxberry Drive, David H. Mitschang to Colleen M. Sterner, $31,333.
Vacant Land/70 Fairgreen Drive, Cimato Enterprises Inc. to Erik Mikos, $25,000.
Vacant Land/2331 North Forest, Sean P. Lillis; Carol A. Lillis; Tara B. Lillis to Mark A. Niederpruem; Tara B. Lillis, $8,625.
Tralee Terrace, Celtic Enterprises Inc. to Carol A. Lillis, $8,000.
Tralee Terrace, Celtic Enterprises Inc. to Sean P. Lillis; Kim M. Lillis, $8,000.



23 Paine St., Diane M. Worral to Daivd Samuel Shapiro, $165,000.
574 Oakwood Ave., Melissa Millonzi Vlavianos to Stephen A. Zagrobelny; Paula H. Zagrobelny, $118,000.
270 Buffalo Road, RJ Gullo Properties Inc. to Andrew M. Green, $100,000.



7119 Boston Cross Road, Darlene L. Jerge to Clifton P. Cole, $147,500.



264 Lotus Point Road, James J. Manning Jr. to Barbara Morin; Ronald Morin, $20,000.



Highest price: $730,000?

Average price: $95,237?

Median price: $49,000?

Number of Sales: 63

605 Niagara St., Gateway-Longview Inc. to College D'Youville, $730,000.
95 Windsor Ave., Judith M. Dean; Anthony J. Colucci III to Christine L. Sabuda, $560,000.
779 West Delavan, Margaret M. Sullivan to Susan Hakala, $320,000.
150 Lancaster, Kevin M. Gibson to Lindsay D. Brooks, $299,000.
372 Parker Ave., Rosemary McGrath; William M. McGrath to Henry Taubenfeld; Maryjo A. Taubenfeld, $232,000.
198 Anderson, Todd Geise to Heather J. Anderson, $225,000.
40 University Circle, Lisa Marie Sherman; Hillard M. Sherman to Jennifer B. Seitz; John P. Seitz Jr., $182,000.
113 Lovering Ave., Kathleen Palma to Jeffrey N. Sipos, $180,135.
149 Willett St., Darryl Sittniewski; Joyce M. Sittniewski to Jeffrey D. Conrad; Katherine M. Conrad, $161,500.
247 Roesch Ave., Syndicated Development to Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled Inc., $152,500.
2080 Delawar Ave., Helen Duncan; David P. Duncan to Lifetime Real Estate Holdings, $150,000.
61 North Park Ave., Jennifer B. Coniglio to Sandra Cottis, $147,000.
335 Bedford Ave., Thomas E. Syroczynski to Alex Edward Brown, $141,000.
5 North Park Ave., Taylor M. Miranda to Denise M. Rizzo, $135,000.
36 Carmel Road, John Coggeshall to Todd M. Geise, $134,500.
20 Tuscarora, Mary P. Shanahan; Terrance J. Shanahan Jr. to Kelley L. Comerford; Charles P. Comerford, $132,500.
424 Dingens St., Dolores T. Krigier to Sunoco Inc., $130,000.
338 North Park Ave., Gary Lamartina; Jeffrey Lamartina; Mark Lamartina; Michelle Deschenes to Gregory Lamartina, $123,650.
60 Shoreham Parkway, Fay S. Koch; Russell J. Savasta to Ruth Fierro-King; Mark A. Kin, $114,500.
535 Main St., Seymour Investment to 535 Main Street Llc, $109,500.
27 North Parker Ave., David E. Myers to William F. Whelan; David J. Whelan, $103,000.
28 Rutland St., Maria Chmura; David B. Chmura to Robert J. Lingle; Shannon E. Lingle, $91,000.
50 Strathmore, Colleen L. Chase; Michael J. Chase III to Kathryn C. Ryan, $90,722.
37 Redmond Ave., Ignatius Pecoraro to Jon Spitz, $89,900.
179 Avery Ave., James Donald Simpson to Kelly J. Faust; Michael N. Faust, $84,000.
12 Vandalia St., Norman Stramowski; Norman E. Stramowski to August L. Patuto, $80,000.
175 Brinton, Anthony Harris to Antoinette Harris; Douglas L. Harris Jr., $79,900.
208 Culver Road, Julia K. Horhota to Norman E. Stramowski; Linda M. Stramowski, $78,000.
109 Plymouth Ave., Anthony J. Durante; Jason L. Durante to Dennis K. Durante, $55,000.
111 Easton Ave., Clara Sinicki; Patricia Achtyl; Chester E. Sinicki to Jameka M. Spencer, $54,000.
344 Warwick Ave., Venus L. Greggs; Donald J. Greggs to Corey B. Granberry, $52,500.
33 Gold St., Clifford Alf to Genevieve M. Eich, $49,000.
57 Rachel Vincent Way, Dato Development to Maria Joseph P. Santa; Maria Laurie A. Santa, $47,000.
67 Evanston Place, Angelo C. Arcuri to Vernon G. Campbell; Linda L. Campbell, $45,000.
91 Chadduck, Joseph S. Bubas; Barbara A. Shea to Ben L. Properties, $43,000.
81 Riverside Ave., Michael N. New to Toma Walton, $40,280.
85 Chadduck, Barbara A. Shea to Ben L. Properties, $37,000.
44 Martha, Keith Canazzi; Equity Trust Company to Cloverlawn 9350 Llc, $36,500.
315 Herkimer St., Asmaa H. Alasri to Xiao Wei Yang, $31,000.
19 Zelmer St., Buffalo Edge to 19 Zelmer Street Llc, $30,800.
626 East Utica St., Elvira P. Brinson to Odin Holdings, $28,750.
480 Seventh St., Raphael Rodriguez to Guo Ping Lu, $28,500.
57 Alice Ave., BCG Nadlan Llc to Nessia Arbel, $27,000.
39&41 Weiss, Bozena Lewandowski to 41 Weiss Llc, $26,200.
235 Rounds Ave., Leslie Y. Jackson to TR Homes & Properties Inc., $26,000.
88 Haven, KC Erie Niagara Properties to Manhattan Consultants, $25,500.
552 Fargo Ave., Henry Legge to Tmaria Llc, $25,000.
85 Kentucky St., Carmen M. Irizarry to Bill J. McAdams, $25,000.
138 Hertel, CDD Enterprises Ltd. to Yankee Holdings, $24,500.
17 Calumet, Adam Berti to Frank Pleto, $19,500.
326 Virginia St., Angeline Randazzo to Susan C. Dold; Samuel M. Dold, $18,000.
38 Hillside Ave., Dennis H. Werner; James F. Werner to James H. Werner, $18,000.
771 Broadway, Reecie Dickson to Assad Elbanna, $18,000.
181 Jewett Ave., Ambia Khatun to Rosma Khatun; Zamil Hussain, $15,000.
18 Richlawn, Zhanna Demydova; Dennis G. Allen to WNY Dream Holdings, $14,800.
384 Herkimer, John M. Leair to Daud Sheikh-Omer, $14,200.
403 Benzinger St., Leo P. Schriver to MDB Property Fund New York, $14,000.
Vacant Land/114 Brayton, 31 & 33 Shields, City of Buffalo to Massachusetts Avenue Project Inc., $11,500.
51 Schmarbeck Ave., Christine Mincel to Queen City Property Management Inc., $9,500.
80 Rickert, Jonathan Mims to Domingo Rivera, $5,600.
518 Wilson St., Cheryl D. Maye; Cheryl D. Brooks to Bradsville Properties Holdings Inc., $5,000.



Highest price: $1,223,000?

Average price: $181,013

?Median price: $82,400?

Number of Sales: 20

2331 Union Road, 2331 Union Road Llc to Colvin Oakdale Llc, $1,223,000.
2331 Union Road, 2331 Union Road Llc to 2331 GB Properties, $900,000.
3125 Walden Ave., New Turnpike Realty Corporation to 3125 Walden Llc, $275,000.
81 St. Joan Lane, Robin A. Guadagno to Thomas Golombek Jr., $140,000.
16 Oehman Blvd., Appropriate Properties to Adeline A. Thurston, $123,000.
95 Candace Lane, Philip A. Fleck; Richard J. Vorwerk Jr. to Michael D. Kline; Deborah L. Smigiel, $119,000.
235 Banko Drive, Thomas S. Sprankle; Helen C. Sprankle; Thomas C. Sprankle to Mariano Chirico IV; Stephanie R. Chirico, $116,000.
52 Delray Drive, Thomas Kubiniec; Jean Strand to Fannie Mae, $115,569.
36 Beale Ave., Kimberly A. Bracci to Lisa J. Miller, $101,000.
1225 George Urban Blvd., Deborah L. Wozniak; David W. Lytle to Shannon M. Spruill, $100,000.
211 Curtiss St., Victoria E. Szymaszek; Theresa C. Szymaszek to Robert G. Hammer II, $64,800.
920 Dick Road, Timothy D. Lafferty to Mauro Dipasquale; Bonnie Lynn Hicks, $60,000.
10 Normandy Ave., Bonnie L. Cooper to Jacob Harris Jr.; Audrey Harris, $57,400.
73 Marne Road, Barbara Pinson to Ladon Rogers, $57,000.
2074 Clinton St., Shirley Ann Wozniak; James J. Wozniak to David R. Fronczak, $52,000.
26 Vera Ave., Olden T. Ingram III to Kevina N. Collins, $45,500.
113 East End Ave., Clive Kefford to JDNK Holdings, $25,000.
14 Olcott Place, Shaun Maddox; Equity Trust Company to Marcellus L. Coleman, $13,000.
3125 Walden Ave., Mark J. Schlant to New Turnpike Realty Corporation, $10,000.



5052 Shale Bluff Court, Mary M. Comerford to Rajat Shah, $800,000.
5903 Monaghan Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Yasmine Aboueldahab; Ahmed F. Abdelwahab, $386,595.
4210 Shisler Road, Albert H. Meyer to Mindy Robins, $42,500.
Vacant Land/Shisler Road, 10001 Grand Corp. to Mindy Robins, $42,500.



9010 Caroline Lane, Laurie Ann Balas to Amy L. English; Garret J. English, $380,000.



Vacant Land/14998 South Quaker Road, Sherwin E. Allen to Robin Liszkiewicz; Michael P. Liszkiewicz, $21,820.



34 South Cascade Drive, Indus Foods Inc. to Indus Real Estates II, $500,000.
Vacant Land/Mill St., Vincent G. Sabia to James P. Linsler Jr., $39,000.



Vacant Land/Ostrander Road, Nancy S. Clark; Daniel L. Clark to Archaeoloical Conservancy, $36,756.
Vacant Land/Bullis Road, Kimberly J. Demme; Vincent N. Demme Sr.; Vincent N. Demme Jr. to Sunok Beasor; Russell D. Beasor, $30,500.



6746 Old Lake Shore Road, Glenn T. Lista to Kenneth Williams; Pamela Williams, $960,000.
7112 Lake Shore Road, Kenneth Williams; Pamela Williams to Glenn T. Lista, $580,000.
7611 Delamater Road, Tammy S. Barry; James A. Barry to Keith R. Kibler; Jeannette M. Kibler, $309,000.
449 Lakeside Road, Barbara Klopp to Jaclyn C. Rice; Todd R. Rice, $90,000.
147 Timber Ave., Mary Ann Karalus; Joseph R. Karalus to Wesley Schunk, $45,000.
9629 Kenmore St., Kenneth J. Sceusa; Denise M. Sceusa to Tiffany L. Bauer, $45,000.



?Highest price: $365,000?

Average price: $177,661

?Median price: $155,000?

Number of Sales: 9

2571 West River Road, Millard E. Walck; Patricia A. Walck to David M. Pratt; Celia N. Spacone, $365,000.
3541 West River Road, Karen M. Gleave to JJ Manor Llc, $235,000.
269 Waterford Park, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Craig P. Newell; Lisa M. Newell, $224,950.
1091 Ransom Road, Michelle Muscoreil; James V. Muscoreil to Astrid Lopez; Edgardo Lopez, $180,000.
1133 Sheree Drive, Jennifer L. Kam; Christopher D. Kam to Matthew R. Rang, $155,000.
365 Laurie Lane, Diane L. Patterson to Jillian Lajoie, $134,000.
1524 East Park Road, Stacey Dawson to Taralyn Bielaski, $130,000.
3020 East River Road, Geraldine C. Iacono to Patricia A. Rink, $115,000.
310 Park Lane, Maria Derubeis to Forbes Homes Inc., $60,000.



Highest price: $415,000?

Average price: $191,715?

Median price: $190,000

?Number of Sales: 9

5827 Shamrock Court, Amy L. English to Brian M. Duff, $415,000.
2340 Agassiz Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Tracy L. Roach; Raymond C. Roach, $267,670.
4678 Mosey Lane, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to James Matthews; Sarah Matthews, $234,763.
134 Foxcroft Drive, Andrew E. Bruno; Kathleen M. Bruno to Charles W. Dye, $218,000.
3794 Hoover Road, Robert F. Whalen Jr. to Laura Haas, $190,000.
5508 Sterling Road, Harry Curtis; Harry T. Curtis to Giovanni Palumbo; Summer F. Sherk, $142,500.
4239 Polly Lane, Denise Gebauer to Glen J. Echeverria, $134,500.
4818 Clark St., Carol A. Kummer; Gary L. Maybach Sr. to Eugene J. Wehrfritz, $73,000.
4779 Mosey Lane, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to Josette A. Fisher; Tara L. Taddio, $50,000.



9589 Savage Road, Robert Frazer; John Grennell to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $86,111.



16 Barlow Ave., Laura J. Kowalczyk to Ashley Otoole, $90,000.
315 South Shore Blvd., Sandra S. Drozdowski to Marlene A. Espinosa; Ronald S. Espinosa, $71,500.
232 Orchard Place, Fannie Mae to Nicole Vescio-Noblett; Philip J. Noblett, $54,000.
60 Beech St., Mary Ann Suleski to Adalis Davila, $52,000.



?Highest price: $2,600,000?

Average price: $507,210?

Median price: $235,000?

Number of Sales: 11

6729 Transit Road, Hansaay Associates-Lancaster to First Berkshire Business Trust; Ronald Benderson, $2,600,000.
4993 Transit Road, 4993 Group Llc to McDonalds USA, $900,000.
6627 Transit Road, Matajis Inc. to Ved Llc, $700,000.
490 Lake Ave., Wendy D. Nunn; Paul R. Nunn to Ronald G. Schrader; Teresa M. Pacanowski, $280,000.
82 Heritage Drive, Daniel J. Fox; Theresa M. Lehner to Brian A. Schmidt; Katie P. Schmidt, $241,000.
8 Devonshire, Carmelanne Caterisano; Daniel J. Caterisano to Michael J. Quigley, $235,000.
71 Michael Anthony Lane, Kevin R. King; Donna M. Fial to Lisa Shea; Matthew Shea, $210,000.
6 Cobblestone Court, Miguel A. Serrano; Martha L. Serrano to Ann M. Vanyo, $182,000.
69 Hanover St., Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Deanna M. Ballistrea, $169,315.
302 Penora, Walter Francis Niespodziewany to Crestview Property Holdings, $32,000.
40 Crans St., Larry Rawa to LR Property; David R. Lambert, $30,000.



11420 Porterville Road, Barbara S. Perry to Eric V. Levulis, $218,000.
2751 Four Rod Road, Jennifer E. Doraski; Joseph J. Scinta; Joseph J. Doraski to Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc.; Deutsche Bank, $134,395.



12433 Clarence Center Road, Douglas E. Kokanovich to Michael D. Kokanovich; Lisa M. Kokanovich, $250,000.
7636 Greenbush Road, Nancy V. Frey; Norman C. Frey to Erick P. Durick, $193,000.
6409 Utley Road, Patricia A. Schultz to James P. Jendrowski; Paul P. Sardina, $60,000.



40 Braunview Way, Barry L. Radlin; Susan J. Gibson to Kathy L. Drew; Bryan J. Drew, $350,900.
6 Curley Drive, Ronald J. Torgalski to Thomas K. Frederick; Sarah A. Frederick, $310,000.
270 Lawrence Woods, Muirfield Properties Inc. to Terrance J. Shanahan II, $280,000.
61 Burbank Drive, Jeremy C. Dejong; Lisa D. Domanowski to Andrew E. Bruno; Kathleen M. Bruno, $275,500.
112 Reppien Place, Michael Wolanczyk; Donna J. Heximer-Wolanczyk to Martha E. Mauro, $128,000.
3301 Abbott Road, Angela R. Sardo to KJA Properties, $125,000.



37 Warren Drive, Michael P. Fanara to Amy L. Skidmore, $118,000.
152 Frederick Road, Dennis Liberatore to Daniel K. Scott, $95,000.
413 & 421 Main St., Donna Young; Donna L. Young to Christopher C. Fisher; Julia C. Finucane, $65,000.



?Highest price: $200,000?

Average price: $107,405

?Median price: $104,500?

Number of Sales: 22

24 Willowgrove E, Mary E. McBride to Juliana E. Kotwicki, $200,000.
45 Sweet Briar Road, Karen A. Cuviello; David J. Cuviello to Kari A. Buscaglia, $170,500.
276 Curtis Parkway, Peter Wyzykowski to Taylor M. Miranda, $170,000.
562 Lynbrook Ave., John P. Zenger to Susan L. Mazur; Martin G. Mazur, $170,000.
35 Cleveland Drive, James Raymond; Michelle S. Raymond to Kevin Sweeney; Ashley Sweeney, $149,000.
105 Patricia Drive, Paula M. Fish to Heather Wheeler, $135,000.
182 Willow Breeze Road, Brian T. Badgley to Florence M. Sortino-Aman; George F. Aman Jr., $125,000.
229 Grandview Ave., Rozalia Gorog; Leslie J. Gorog to Alexander M. Bruno; Phillip T. Bruno, $123,000.
268 Northwood Drive, Ronald G. Allshouse Jr. to Florence M. Dunn; Frank B. Dunn Sr., $115,000.
334 Joseph Drive, Barbara V. Schneider; Anna H. Stanuuszko to Kenneth Wigdorski, $111,000.
142 Kelvin Drive, Ida Fenno; Rocco Fenno to Suzanne L. Forman, $110,000.
142 Wendel Ave., Christa L. Sheppard to Nicholas Tomasula; Malissa M. Eterginio, $99,000.
395 Shepard Ave., Kimberly A. O'Neill; Jason R. O'Neill to Jillian M. Eberle, $94,900.
60 Parkhurst Blvd., Lillian E. Nichter to Benjamin K. Elford; Cara M. Fisher, $92,500.
176 Willowbreeze Road, Laura Hayes to Kevin M. Gibson, $92,000.
283 Bannard Ave., Mary Sokoloski; Carol Rees; Joan Aquilina to Racheal M. Barraclough, $92,000.
281 Fairfield Ave., Julius F. Ferrand; Norma I. Ferrand to Stephen A. Campbell; Julie A. Campbell, $85,000.
294 Woodgate Road, Frances A. McNeely to Andrew J. Harvey, $83,000.
78 Washington Ave., Timothy J. Hook; Mary D. Hook to Justin Neri, $56,000.
44 Princeton Blvd., Betty Ann Schaertel; Dorothy S. Schaertel to Susan S. Murphy; Michael J. Murphy, $52,000.
276 Wilmington Ave., Leslie Kaplan to CP Joseph Real Estate Group, $30,000.
308 Ensminger Road, Marie T. Fullagar; Edward J. Fullagar to Town of Tonawanda, $8,000.



11141 Big Tree Road, Lisa A. Batt to Auctions International Inc., $125,000.



?Highest price: $261,414?

Average price: $137,731

?Median price: $127,500?

Number of Sales: 10

119 Caldwell Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Thomas J. Catuzzi; Lisa M. Catuzzi, $261,414.
5370 Seneca St., Sharon M. Acker to Michael A. Ehman; Joanne L. Ehman, $150,000.
346 Potters Road, William J. Mullen to Ronald D. Wittmeyer; Patricia A. Wittmeyer, $145,000.
524 East & West, Gail A. Bartholomy to Susan C. Scott, $133,000.
East Side of North America Drive, West Seneca Joint Venture to Sustainable Biopower, $128,000.
244 Seneca Creek Road, Kevin R. Lufkin; Christine M. Lufkin to Matthew Schieber, $127,000.
429 Fisher Road, Cecilia A. Stack to Lucyanne Georger, $120,000.
89 Bayberry Ave., Christine Mary Woodring; Carole Monica Kocher; Frank L. Koch to Joseph P. Ciraulo; Michelle M. Kmitch, $119,000.
180 Woodcrest Drive, Carol L. Weitz; Paul E. Weitz to Molly Marie Erickson, $104,000.
180 Barnsdale Ave., Gary T. Dejames to Wayne R. Stevenson, $89,900.