Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the week ending Nov. 2.


• 310 Oneida St., William G. Clark; Bonnie H. Clark to Michelle Stevens, $185,000.
• Lower Mountain Road, Franklin D. Silvernail to Robert Kavanaugh, $142,000.
• North Hewitt Drive, Kenneth G. Keiper to Joshua J. Patterson, $104,940.
• Annwill Condo/Unit 28, Victor Talarico; Bernard T. Critelli Jr. to Greta Kargatis, $63,000.



• Bixler Road, Carol H. Malcomb to Nancy Wright; Jeffrey P. Wright, $145,000.



• 81st St., Jeremy M. Mixon Sr. to Amy M. Feidt; Alan J. Feidt, $92,700.
• Delancey Road, G. Betty Einstein; Paul H. Einstein to Raymond R. Granieri; Mary E. Granieri, $86,000.
• 73rd St., Maria Steele; Hans D. Fuhrmann; Erica Gephardt; John Steele to Melissa E. McCauley; Justin M. McCauley, $66,250.
• Niagara Ave., Jennie Beswick; Karen Beswick to Christina A. Betton, $48,000.
• Walnut Ave. & Memorial Parkway, Clive Kefford to Real Estate Development and Housing, $36,500.
• 27th St., Randy Newtown; Kari M. Newtown to Craig Waldeck, $36,000.
• Michigan Ave., Clive Kefford to Capital Group Enterprises, $34,500.
• 2309 Orleans Ave., Double K Consulting III to BCM NV Llc, $29,000.
• Liberty Ave., Mary R. Ryan; James S. Ryan to James L. Ryan, $26,000.
• Jerauld Ave. & 24th St., Irene Tegda; Robert V. Genova; Helen Zaninovich to Bradley Clay Miller; Patricia J. Miller; Charles F. Miller, $25,000.
• Memorial Parkway, Catherine O. Byrd to Allstar Property Holdings Inc., $25,000.
• Niagara Ave., KC Buffalo Enterprises to Armitage Properties, $23,000.



• Backer Alley, A.E. Gombert Lumber Co. Inc. to Joseph H. Sander Jr., $45,000.
• Simson St., Colleen A. Wells to David Dzikoski, $13,000.



• Cloverleaf Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Patricia A. Behe; Andrew J. Behe, $273,950.



• Lockport Youngstown Road, Truva Properties to Richard Shears; Suzanne Shears, $142,500.
• Porter Center Road, Elizabeth M. Grizanti to Ian D. Carr, $15,000.



• Akron Road, Holly M. Zamerski; Holly M. Bombard to David J. Colbert, $130,000.



• Liberty Ave., Mary R. Ryan; James S. Ryan to James L. Ryan, $26,000.



• Skylark Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Alexis R. Yanulevich; Ryan M. Hogan, $227,775.
• Arnold Drive, Patrick C. Canty; Jacqueline S. Canty to Melissa K. Ely; Erich D. Ely, $182,500.
• Ward Road, Melissa K. Scroger; Erich D. Ely; Melissa K. Ely to Scholl Saylor, $145,000.
• Townline Road, Rachel E. Wall; Philip D. Wall to Barbara A. Massey, $91,000.



• Ide Road & Cambria-Wilson Townline Road, Robert C. Leggett; Linda A. Leggett to Fighting Irish Rentals Inc., $25,000.