Gun-happy society defies common sense

Well, I guess if you survive long enough in this bizarre world we live in, you’ll come across an article that defies all logic, all common sense and yes, all reasonableness in a republic of laws and morals. In a country where violence is perpetuated in our movies, comic books, video games, CDs, DVDs and especially television, it doesn’t surprise one that as a result of idiotic and unwise legislation, it is now legal to bring a gun into a bar in Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia. If law enforcement agencies think they have seen grim results from those mixing alcohol and gasoline, I’ll bet they can’t wait for what lies ahead when alcohol and gunpowder collide.

By the way, Georgia is still analyzing whether to allow guns in church – praise the Lord! If this doesn’t give you goose bumps, the University of Colorado is now permitting students over 21 to carry arms in dorms and even in class – higher education at its logical best.

I know that the article written by Leonard Pitts has stated all of the above quite responsibly, but for those who missed it, I believe it is worth repeating. There is no way these extensions of the Second Amendment can end but in mayhem. Stay tuned.

Scott H. Patterson