Let’s go over cliff, force officials to do their jobs

If the premise is true, the fiscal cliff impasse must be resolved if we are to survive as a nation. It appears that the majority of Republicans are greedy in that they want to increase their coffers. The majority of Democrats are greedy in that they want to spend more of other people’s money. A vast amount of the population appears to be becoming indifferent to work or to become educated to become self-sufficient.

Recently it was reported that a Detroit official stated, “We voted for you, now give us the bacon.” Charitable endeavors must be continued, but this gluttonous frame of perception must be corrected. Let’s go off of the cliff and force the public servants to do their job. They got us into this mess; now let them address the problem and provide a solution. If they are incapable of achieving restoration results, let’s ensure that these public servants are allowed to fall off of the cliff during the next election.

Ralph R. Pawlak