About a dozen volunteer members of the Buffalo Police Reserves spent Sunday afternoon delivering Christmas gifts and food to needy families in the city.

Dinner items and gifts were distributed to six improverished families and residents of one group home, said Capt. David Howard, who leads the 45-member all-volunteer unit that assists Buffalo Police officers at carnivals, food festivals, running races and other large city events.

“We got the names of some families and some people who really were down on their luck and needed help this Christmas,” said Howard, who met with his fellow officers at the C District Police Station on East Ferry Street.

After gathering at the police station about noon, the officers delivered the food and gifts to homes throughout the city.

“It feels good to help people who might not have Christmas otherwise,” said Lt. John Buczek, a police reserves volunteer for 24 years.

Another participant was Lt. Frank Buczek, John Buczek’s father, who has been a police reserves volunteer for 28 years.

“We’ve been doing this a long time, and it really means a lot to the families. A couple of years ago, we dropped some gifts off to a family in South Buffalo, and they all began crying.”