Taxes provide us with vital services

A recent letter argued the morality of taxation in America. There isn’t a single individual on the continent who looks forward to paying taxes – income tax, school tax, county tax, sales tax – they all leave us with a rather bitter taste. But to argue that taxes are immoral is not only misguided but irresponsible.

We often hear that freedom is not “free.” Our military troops understand this as they lay their lives on the line every day to ensure that we continue to enjoy all that America has to offer. The daily and seasonal services that we depend on; the educational opportunities offered to our children; the security services that save lives and property; the local, state and federal leadership that is there during times of crisis; the life line that a 911 emergency call can provide; the special assistance that can be offered to a family desperately in need; the list could go on and on.

Can you imagine if we made paying taxes optional? As sweet as this may sound, it is obvious that we as a nation would simply crumble. The point is that none of this is self-supporting. It is our tax money that provides the financial strength for all of our services to even exist. The freedoms and services that we enjoy on a daily basis are all our collective responsibility, both financially and ethically. Our input also requires action to ensure that the funds we pay in taxes are used appropriately and with fairness. There is no “inherent immorality” to taxes. We must always remember: Freedom is not free.

Tom Hoolihan