Media are in lockstep with Obama’s ideology

In communist countries, the government tells the media what to say and when to say it. Unfortunately, in our country, it is not much different. Approximately 95 percent of the media outlets are liberal in their ideology. This has developed into a scenario where the White House puts out talking points, marching orders, and the media keep pounding the drums of these messages. Let me give you two examples.

President Obama gave an executive order that said church-run businesses must provide free contraception to their employees. The whole narrative around this issue should have been that the president was overstepping his boundaries, i.e., First Amendment, and telling the Catholic Church in particular to do something that was against its doctrine. This was not the narrative portrayed by the media. When the Republicans spoke up against this, the new narrative became that Republicans are against women. As crazy as that sounds, it worked. People believed it.

Second, this fiscal cliff mess. The narrative should be how the federal government spends too much money. The annual budget is close to $4 trillion, yet it takes in around $3 trillion. Clearly, the issue is that there is too much spending. If a man makes $2 million a year and spends $3 million, people would conclude accurately that he has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. The exact same is true with the federal government. But because the media are in lockstep with the president’s wishes, we keep hearing the drumbeat that we have to tax the rich more, which by the way will do almost nothing to fix our deficit.

Martin Dziwulski