McCain’s attack on Rice sounds like sour grapes

Sen. John McCain does not think U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is qualified to be the next secretary of state. On Thursday, she withdrew her name from consideration. McCain’s assumption is primarily based on faulty CIA talking points Rice used on Sunday morning TV talk shows regarding the attack on our consulate in Libya.

The CIA does make serious mistakes. Remember Colin Powell making a speech at the United Nations using CIA information that emphatically said that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and was a threat to world peace? Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice often repeated these same claims. This false information was used to launch the invasion of Iraq; an unnecessary and costly war. They were not viciously accused of wrongdoing; the blame was rightly put on the CIA. Why is Susan Rice being treated so differently by Republicans this time for such a minor offense compared to the above? Could it be politics?

Yes, this is the same astute McCain who picked Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate in the 2008 presidential election. Based on his judgment, Palin possessed the unique qualifications to replace him as president if he was elected and an emergency arose. We found this not to be true. No wonder he lost the election. Based on McCain’s performance in the Senate helping Obama overcome the problems facing our country, I think he is still suffering from being a “sore loser.”

Jack Peracciny