Dec. 3

A Fernwood Drive man told Niagara County sheriff’s deputies he was swindled out of $305 when he attempted to get a loan from a company called Fast Pay Loans.

The 65-year-old victim told deputies that a woman called him in November and asked him if he would be interested in a $5,000 loan. He said he told her yes and sent $305 via Western Union to a man in Riverside, Calif.

The victim told deputies that the woman then contacted him again and said there was an error in the Western Union money order and asked him to send it again. He said he realized he was being scammed and refused to send more money.

Patrol directed the victim to put a hold on any bank account information that he may have provided. The victim said he also has contacted the fraud department at Western Union.

Dec. 4

Residents in the 1600 block of South Avenue told police they arrived home at 2:30 p.m. to find their door kicked in and thousands of dollars worth of electronics, jewelry, cash and medication stolen.

One victim said he has been receiving threatening messages from a suspect who wanted money from the victim. He said they were out from noon to 2:30 p.m. and when they returned they found a door was kicked in, damaging the frame and glass in the door.

Stolen was a game system, games, a laptop, gold necklace, gold rings, earrings, $400 cash and hydrocodone. Total loss and damages was put at $2,310.

Dec. 5

A man and woman said they were in their bed, asleep, when two men broke in and demanded jewelry at 3:19 a.m. in the 2900 block of Macklem Avenue, Niagara Falls.

The 65-year-old victim told police he went to grab a handgun, a Glock 30 he keeps in a holster next to his bed for protection, but he said one of the men grabbed his arm so he could not remove the gun. The suspect then took the gun and both men ran down the stairs and left, he told police.

The couple said they had locked the door, but police said they found no sign of forced entry.

• A 20-year-old Niagara Falls man said he was shot while he walked home with a friend as he crossed the 11th Street bridge just after midnight.

The victim said a tan-colored SUV with tinted windows approached them heading southbound, then slowed down as it passed them. He said he heard a “crackling noise” as the vehicle passed, then felt a burning sensation in his right buttock and felt shooting pain in his leg and could not walk.

The victim said he realized he had been shot and called his mother for a ride to the hospital.

The friend told police that he saw a man roll down his window and put the barrel of a shotgun out of the window, then he also heard the crackling noise.

The victim was transferred from Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center to Erie County Medical Center for surgery to remove a bullet. A doctor told police that the bullet appears to have come from a .22 caliber shotgun.

Dec. 7

Police investigated a pair of house burglaries, including one in which several Christmas gifts were reported stolen.

A North Avenue woman reported that someone broke the glass out of her front door and entered her home sometime between 8 p.m. Thursday and 7:30 a.m. Friday. Several Christmas baskets in a room off the front of the home were rifled through, and various items were taken, including knitted towels, toys, coins, candies and decorations.

The victim reported that $25 in cash was also taken out of her purse. She set her total loss at $264.

Nothing was stolen after someone apparently tried to kick in the front door of a 99th Street home, causing an estimated $500 damage, police said. The incident occurred between 8:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m., according to reports.

• A Canadian man had his car broken into overnight in the lot of a downtown motel, one of four such vehicle break-ins investigated by police.

Someone broke a window out of the Ontario resident’s car while it was parked at the Sheraton Hotel, stealing a bag containing reading glasses and other personal belongings. Loss was pegged at $320.

A city man had his car broken into in similar fashion at the Days Inn on Main Street between 2:30 and 5:30 a.m. Saturday. A cellphone valued at $300 was stolen.

A Woodlawn Avenue resident reported that someone ransacked her vehicle while it was parked outside her home, stealing a pair of disposable cameras. A Jerauld Avenue man’s car had been broken into earlier in the day, with thieves damaging a rear seat while stealing an amplifier and a pair of speakers. Loss was pegged at $650.

• An $879 Cannondale mountain bike was stolen from an unlocked Emily Lane garage in Lockport sometime between Friday and Saturday morning, sheriff’s deputies said. The homeowner reported that a car inside the garage at the time had also been rifled through, although nothing appeared to be missing from inside the vehicle.

Dec. 8

Both participants pointed the finger of blame at the other after two women battled outside a Niagara Street bar.

Police said a 35-year-old Willow Avenue resident left Player’s Bar around 3 a.m. and reported being confronted outside by a woman known to occasionally date the victim’s boyfriend. She said that a brawl ensued, during which she was cut on the lower back.

The other combatant, a 28-year-old Ninth Street woman, told police the other woman instigated the fight after insulting her mother. She said that she had an earring ripped from her ear and her hair pulled during the melee, before onlookers broke it up.

A witness told police no weapons were involved, but the first victim broke a glass prior to the scuffle and probably got cut from that. No charges were filed.

• A 2003 Mercury was stolen from the 400 block of 10th Street after the owner left it running while dropping her son off at a nearby home. The victim, a Mackenna Avenue resident, told police she parked the sport utility vehicle in front of the home about 9 p.m. and ran inside briefly to drop off her son. While inside, she heard a loud noise and emerged to find a quarter-panel from the vehicle lying in the roadway, but the vehicle itself was gone.

• A Niagara Falls man told investigators that a spark plug change earlier in the day may have triggered a fire that damaged his 1995 Pontiac. The man told police he drove from his home to the Summit Fitness Center on Williams Road in Wheatfield around 3 p.m. and, upon exiting the vehicle, noticed the engine compartment was on fire. Staffers from the business extinguished the fire. Extent of damage to the vehicle was not immediately known.

• A Wilson woman estimated her loss in excess of $500 after her car was broken into in the Third Street parking lot of the Bank of America in Niagara Falls. Police said that someone broke a window to gain entry to the car, sometime between midnight and 3 a.m. Items stolen included a make-up bag and a pair of computer flash drives.

Dec. 9

A passing motorist alerted a city women that her car was on fire. The victim, a Livingston Avenue resident, was driving in the 4700 block of Hyde Park Boulevard in Niagara Falls just after 2 a.m. when she learned that her recently purchased 2008 Saturn was on fire. She pulled over in a gas station parking lot and police were able to extinguish the flames using their in-car extinguishers. The amount of damage done to the car was not reported.

• A Niagara Falls man said he was checking on an apartment for a friend who was in jail and found kitchen cabinets had been pulled off the wall and left broken on the floor, and a drop ceiling was pulled down, from the apartment in the 2000 block of Walnut Avenue.

The complainant told police that since he last checked on Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, someone damaged the apartment and also took two miter saws, two cable boxes and an Internet box from the apartment. The friend said he had removed most of the property from the apartment prior to the burglary and all that was left were the saws and cable equipment.

Total loss and damage were listed at $1,950.

Dec. 11

A Niagara Falls man pleaded not guilty to a six-count cocaine possession indictment in Niagara County Court Tuesday, but he also asked to be screened for admission to the judicial diversion program of court-supervised drug treatment. He would have to plead guilty to enter the program.

Jason M. Klinger, 37, of 15th Street, was arrested March 9 when a probation officer visiting his home found bags of cocaine.