LOCKPORT – A trailer with emergency relief supplies is being stationed in Eastern Niagara County to provide assistance quickly in case of disaster, the American Red Cross Serving Erie and Niagara Counties announced Thursday.

The trailer, which contains cots, blankets and other emergency needs, will be based at the Rapids Fire Hall on Old Beattie Road in the Town of Lockport. It was purchased with the help of a $6,000 donation from the Grigg-Lewis Foundation, established by Henrietta Grigg Lewis, a longtime volunteer with the Red Cross in Eastern Niagara County.

“This trailer will greatly cut down on our response time should a disaster strike Eastern Niagara County,” said Mark Dashner, Red Cross director of Niagara County services, “allowing our staff and volunteers to quickly set up emergency shelters in affected areas and give local residents someplace to turn when they need it most.”