A new Marilla law that requires permits and insurance for parades and gatherings on town property if the event is not town sponsored will be the subject of a public hearing next month.

The hearing will be held prior to the 7:30 p.m. Jan. 10 organizational meeting in Town Hall. Resident Fred Miley raised questions about the new law’s impact on the annual firemen’s parade on Two Rod Road, which is a town street.

Supervisor George Gertz said the parade can proceed as usual, but organizers need a permit. The firemen have their own liability insurance coverage. Gertz went on to say that baseball leagues cannot use Marilla Town Park for scheduled games without a permit and insurance, but that no insurance is needed for picnics or small gatherings such as weddings.

In other action:

• The board authorized the town clerk to advertise again a “request for proposals” for a farmland protection planner. The previous RFP drew no responses, but the town now has received some interest, said Gertz.

• Gertz reported that Highway Superintendent Ron Unverdorben saved the town about $100,000 by purchasing a used plow truck for $90,000, adding that the used vehicle met all of the town’s specifications. Unverdorben reported that he took two surplus trucks to auction, receiving $14,800 and $10,600.

• The board denied a request for a street light in front of the home of Sandra Chandler, who was struck by a car around 7 p.m. Nov. 19th.

The request came in a letter from her family. Previously it was reported that the family wanted a traffic light, but that was not the case. Chandler had parked her car in her driveway at 2822 Two Rod Road and crossed the road to get her mail when she was hit by a car and hospitalized with critical injuries.

Gertz said that although he sympathizes with the family, “we can’t do for one unless we do for all” and the town cannot afford it.