Niklaus James Galante just couldn’t wait to be born.

His due date was set for early in Christmas week, perhaps Dec. 24, but he decided to present himself a little early.

Buffalo firefighters from Engine 34 helped deliver the lad in the front seat of a car in the middle of Friday morning rush-hour traffic on Main Street near Jewett Parkway.

His grandmother was driving her daughter, Victoria Little, in from Grand Island to Sisters Hospital, but heavy traffic kept them down from reaching their destination in time.

“He couldn’t wait,” Ange Gabrielsen said of her grandson.

Out of desperation, Little called 911 for help.

The engine crew from the fire station at Main and Mercer Avenue received a call at 8:46 a.m. to assist a mother who had gone into labor.

Eleven minutes later after they arrived, the boy was born. The time on his birth certificate states 8:57 a.m.

“I think the mother would have been happier to be at the hospital, but she was overjoyed with the outcome and the grandmother was happy we were there,” Fire Capt. Daniel Bossi said.

“I was ecstatic when the firefighters arrived. I was sitting in the front seat next to my daughter and couldn’t get out because it was rush hour on Main Street,” said Gabrielsen, explaining that her trip to the hospital was delayed not only by the traffic but because she was trying to obey the law by not speeding or passing red lights.

Once the roadside delivery was completed, mother and child were transported to Sisters by a Rural/ Metro Medical Services ambulance, whose attendants also assisted in the final moments of the birth.

“Every indication we got when we went to the hospital was that mom and baby were in good condition,” Bossi said, crediting Firefighters Derrick Norman, Grover Brown and Byron Wilson with assisting in the birth.

The grandmother confirmed that mother and child were well.

For Little, this is her second child and for Gabrielsen, it is her sixth grandchild.

“But this one is the second grandchild that I was there for the birth of. I was in the delivery room for another grandchild,” the grandmother said.

Niklaus, she said, weighed in at 6 pounds, 2 ounces and was 20 inches long.

“He is so pretty,” the proud and relieved grandmother said.