Donation kettle brings out the best in people

Working for the Salvation Army this Christmas season in kettle assistance has allowed me to see the better side of people. It couldn’t have happened at a better time after the political bickering this past November.

There were a number of possible YouTube moments with the kids while ringing my Christmas bell for donations. It is still amazing to see the effect the children eager to donate have over parents who may be hesitant. A little girl asked me how many pennies she could put in the kettle and she smiled when I told her the more pennies, the more people she would bless.

What impressed me most of all, however, was the countless times people who donated shared with me how the Salvation Army helped their families when they didn’t have a leg to stand on. These were testimonies from people of all ages. One of these individuals told me every time she passed a donation kettle, she would give whatever she could in memory of how the Salvation Army reached out to her family when she was a child.

So, if you are considering where to donate this holiday season (and throughout the year) the Salvation Army is a great choice.

Carolyn Sabia