Republicans’ rejection of U.N. treaty is shameful

Just when you think the Republicans in the Senate cannot vote in a more backward and misinformed manner, they show there are no limits on their misguided beliefs. The arguments put forward on voting no to the U.N. treaty banning discrimination against persons with disabilities are absurd.

This treaty was negotiated by President George W. Bush, endorsed by former Sen. Robert Dole and endorsed by many military and citizens disability organizations. The Republicans passed Dole, sitting in a wheelchair in the Senate, shook his hand and shortly thereafter stabbed him in the back with a no vote.

The arguments put forward by the home school movement hold no validity regarding the treatment of children with a disability. The treaty also has no ties to abortion rights, as these Republicans claimed. The United Nations would have zero authority in the United States regarding the treaty.

Rick Santorum, a leader in the scare tactics of the party, tied this treaty to how it would affect his own disabled daughter, which has zero basis in fact. This man still believes he is a possible presidential candidate in 2016. I have a better chance of winning the next $500 million Powerball lottery than he does of ever holding that office.

A truly sad and disgraceful day in our Senate chamber.

Mark A. Muchowski

Orchard Park