Suffering animals should be put down

I am compelled to share my growing concern over the very public heroic efforts displayed over these past several weeks to save the lives of extremely injured or neglected animals. I see a couple of different issues here.

First we have sweet Phoenix, the dog that was severely burned. I cannot tell you how disturbing it was to see this dog suffer night after night. I do not understand why donors would spend thousands of dollars to save this dog, which was in agonizing pain. Does it make sense that we put down perfectly healthy dogs because we cannot afford to shelter them, yet put forth such effort to save this severely injured animal?

Then we have Metro, who was left at the doorstep of a vet. As I see it, a compassionate person tried to do the right thing and drop this dog off where it may receive help. The vet, practicing in an area where I imagine he is compelled to help animals at his expense regularly, is made out to be a monster for not accepting this animal into the office. As it turned out, it was the custodian who turned away the dog, but now the focus is on the “criminal” who dropped Metro off.

These animals, while recuperating quite nicely, would have been put down in the name of being humane not long ago. There are other criminal acts that deserve the focus and attention of law enforcement and our local news venues. I am not suggesting that we ignore the obvious need to punish those who acted viciously toward the animals, simply suggesting that we revisit our priorities.

Kathy Cieslak