The Marilla Town Board this week discussed what to do about dangerous intersections, parking and the town landscape that in some cases contributes to those problems.

Supervisor George Gertz said intersections along Bullis and Two Rod roads are the most dangerous in town. People running stop signs at the intersections lead to several crashes each year, some that are serious, he said.

“You can’t protect people from themselves,” Gertz said. “We have sidewalks in the town [too], but people still walk in the road.”

Gertz, who also is a fire chief for the Marilla Fire Department, answered one call last month in which a 67-year-old resident of Two Rod Road was struck by a car while trying to cross the road to get her mail. The woman suffered serious injuries, the supervisor said.

The woman’s family would like to see a traffic light installed at Parker and Two Rod roads because of the hilly terrain there.

“This is a slippery slope,” Gertz said. “I can’t do it for one without doing it for everyone. I can’t justify it personally.”

Councilwoman Beth Ackerman suggested asking the state to post signs on Two Rod warning motorists about the upcoming road.

Country roads have few traffic lights and very few light poles. “If we had a lighting district for the entire town, it would bankrupt us,” Gertz said after the meeting.

Complaints about parking along Bullis and Two Rod roads, especially during events and holidays, caused Councilman Warren Handley to suggest asking the state for permission to put in a crosswalk in front of Town Hall.

There also was talk of opening the parking lots at the Town Hall and community center for the public.

The board on Tuesday night also discussed a proposed local law that would limit gatherings and events on town property, and require a permit and insurance. A public hearing was set for 7:30 p.m. Jan. 10 prior to the annual organizational meeting in Town Hall.

Proponents of the annual car show, which is not considered a town event, are leery of the law, which would result in higher insurance costs.