Erie County taxpayers already overburdened

The attempt to place an ever increasing tax burden on Erie County taxpayers is misguided in this era of job uncertainty and pending federal tax increases. Erie County is becoming an unaffordable place to live. So, the Legislature stood strong and defeated the request to increase taxes. For doing this, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz suggested that they were not adults.

When he was “selling” the increase, he described it as a mere $18 per $100,000 value. But now, with the shoe on the other foot, he went off and pouted about the disaster this will cause Erie County, causing massive cuts in services. Really? Isn’t it only 3.4 percent? Maybe Poloncarz is the one who isn’t an adult. Kids, kids, let’s all play nice and stop the pain inflicted on the overburdened county taxpayers. Oh, by the way, Chris Collins found a way to hold the line on taxes.

Ron Livecchi

Orchard Park