Require voter ID in federal elections

Recently at our local high school my wife and I voted on the school budget. The first thing we had to do before voting was to provide positive identification to verify that we were in fact the individuals we claimed to be.

This made me think of the presidential election and all of the hullabaloo and protests because several states passed laws to require voter identification. The Obama administration was successful in blocking these requirements even though each of those states had made extra effort to make it easy for anyone to get identification at virtually no cost. Subsequently, there is no way to know for certain how many votes may have been cast fraudulently in that election.

So here we are. Identification has to be provided in order to vote on a school budget, but not for a far more important presidential election. Even though there will be four more years before the next presidential election, watch for these same ridiculous arguments to surface again in 2016. Once again, requiring positive ID will be unfair to minorities, it will be too expensive, it will be too far to travel, there will not be enough time before the election and blah, blah, blah.

When identification is needed for almost any transaction today, it is about time the government made voter ID mandatory in all federal elections.

Carmon Becker