BTF needs to negotiate before millions are lost

Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore’s parlaying of the transfer of teachers grievance affecting a minuscule number – less than 60 – is an unconscionable ploy and entirely vacant in student focus. (There are more than 3,000 educators in the school district.)

Grievances are routine occurrences in union environments. Negotiations to construct the teachers evaluations, mandated by the state, are an unrelated matter that should not be coupled with the transfers. Additionally, the arbitrator’s and judge’s assessment that the collective bargaining agreement was violated is weightless relative to the evaluations.

The state’s Jan. 17 deadline is rapidly approaching. Approximately 34,000 students attending nearly 60 schools may be deprived of $3.4 million in funding. The union leader’s obstinate refusal to negotiate is unacceptable and outrageous!

Katherine Massey