Trickle-down test has failed terribly

The 30-year supply-side, trickle-down experiment is not working anywhere in the advanced free world and causes abuse and suffering in Third World countries.

During wars, the U.S. economy formerly boomed. With our current trade and economic strategy and no military draft, during the last two wars, enlistees in the formerly ancillary National Guard and Reserves wound up doing double and triple combat duty with prolonged, multiple deployments. They face reduced wages and unemployment upon return because of outsourcing. Manufacturing booms now get transferred to unfair and illegal foreign competitors.

Tax-and-purge gambits being foisted as deficit solutions cannot offset the loss of revenue from transition to the service economy. New Deal policies with reciprocal trade agreements were the most successful in history and should serve as a template for future improvement, not the current unsuccessful Reagan departure, which belongs in the movies.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park