Palestinians have not lived up to their word

A response is needed to the Dec. 5 letter praising the U.N. vote granting non-member statehood to the Palestinians, and attacking Israel. It spouts the routine Palestinian/leftist propaganda that the Palestinians have “struggled against Israeli apartheid and oppression.” However, when examined, the charges are neither logical nor true.

Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel have the same rights. Palestinians who are not citizens are not entitled to the same rights. Any restrictions that may exist are for security purposes. During the second intifada, more than 1,000 Israelis were killed from bombings and other terror attacks. If that were to happen in the United States, that would be equal to 51,000 Americans being killed. It is absurd to believe that the United States or any other country would not enact security measures. Since security measures were enacted, Israel has suffered fewer than five terror attacks originating from Palestinian areas.

The writer should acquaint himself on some area history. The Arabs rejected the U.N. 1947 partition plan creating Israel and another Arab state. Jordan and Egypt occupied land (1947-1967) that the Palestinians want to have for a state. Why wasn’t it done then? In negotiations with the Israelis, the Palestinians received tangible benefits while the Israelis received only promises. I challenge the writer to name just two promises or obligations the Palestinians have lived up to. The answer is zero. Furthermore, the Palestinians have refused to negotiate during the past four years. Why bother negotiating with people who don’t live up to their word?

One obligation created by previous negotiations was that the Palestinians would pursue a state only by negotiations with Israel. They broke that promise by going to the United Nations for the recent vote.

James Sterman

East Amherst