Tis the season … for daytime burglaries.

Town of Tonawanda police today warned residents about a string of daytime burglaries that have struck homes in the neighborhoods around Eggert Road between Parker Boulevard and Sheridan Drive.

Eight houses have been struck since Thanksgiving, according to Lt. Nick Bado.

Thieves absconded with everything from jewelry, cash, electronic equipment, large flat-screen TVs and, in one case, a safe.

In half the cases, burglars were able to enter the homes through unlocked side or back doors. In the others, the burglars broke open window panels on a door to gain entry.

“It happens every year,” Bado said. People are out shopping “accumulating valuable things.” Burglars are well aware of it, Bado said.

Police are investigating whether the string of burglaries are related.

Meanwhile, they officers urged people to make sure all doors are locked when they leave for the day, and keep valuables out of sight. They also asked anyone who sees suspicious activity to alert police.