DeJac Peters does not deserve to be condemned

Lynn DeJac Peters was a young, single mom working at her parents’ business and trying to raise her family when her daughter was murdered. I believe she chose not to bring home the so-called low-lifes a recent letter writer spoke of.

Everyone makes mistakes and some turn out pretty ugly.

I think Lynn suffered enough, not being able to properly mourn her daughter, Crystallyn, or raise her twin sons and another son. Let alone having 14 years of her life taken while being imprisoned for something she did not do! I don’t know anybody who is perfect. Where is the letter writer’s compassion, understanding and, most of all, forgiveness? Is it the $2.7 million settlement money?

If so, tut-tut said the queen, and God bless you, Lynn. I hope you turn your cheek the other way from heartless, uninformed people and try to be happy for the rest of your life and enjoy your family with lots of love.

Judy Smith Benzin