Passage of term limits would save the voters

With the approval rating of Congress at an all-time low, I find it somewhat puzzling that the issue of term limits for our senators and representatives hasn’t been more of a talking point by our political pundits in the media.

Whether you’re in support of progressive or conservative values we, the American electorate, complain that our government in Washington is broken and that many of our federal legislators seem to be interested only in how to get re-elected and further their own personal agendas, and not in doing the work of the people who elected them. If this is true, why then do we keep sending the same bunch of do-nothings back to Washington?

I know that having term limits isn’t the only solution to fixing the problem of gridlock and self-fulfillment in our nation’s capital, but it’s a start.

This would give our representatives less ability to satisfy their own personal power and financial interests and allow them to do what is right for the voters. Some would say that they wouldn’t be there long enough to understand the inner workings of Washington, but I say they wouldn’t be there long enough to be corrupted by it.

Because we as voters can’t seem to stop re-electing these obstructionists, perhaps we would be able to save ourselves by voting for the passage of term limits.

Joseph Parente