Throw the book at all who drink and drive

Another unnecessary tragedy. A repeat DWI offender kills someone. A few weeks ago it was a 25-year-old woman walking her dog, and this time a 7-month-old baby. How many more times will this happen before people wake up?

Lawmakers need to stand up and stop this. How about one DWI conviction equals mandatory ignition interlock for life? No plea bargain, no off early for “good behavior,” no excuse that “I sold my car and I don’t drive anymore.” No. We need to put a stop to this. Do something that will make people think twice about getting behind the wheel. It’s just too bad that the possibility of killing someone and ruining your own life isn’t enough of an incentive.

My heart breaks for these families and the thousands of others that have lost a loved one because of someone else’s stupidity. Enough is enough.

Karen Jones