Bradford had a right to speak out about sign

In a recent letter to The News, a writer mischaracterized Paul Bradford as a tyrant. By definition tyrants are heads of government who rule by threat and intimidation. Bradford is a private citizen. He complained about Joseph Shimburski’s sign. He did not try to damage the sign nor did he threaten or intimidate Shimburski.

Bradford is right to be concerned about the prevalence of hate speech in our society. Blacks could not have been lynched so freely had hate speech not made publicly acceptable the idea that they were less than human. Jews could not have been rounded up and sent off to extermination camps so easily had society not been conditioned to view them as evil.

Genocides in Rwanda and the Balkans could have occurred only through the presence of propaganda that allowed the perpetrators to believe that their fellow citizens were unworthy of living.

People need to stop allowing themselves to be brainwashed by hate mongers such as Rush Limbaugh, who profit from demonizing women, Democrats, immigrants and who knows who else.

It appears that Limbaugh’s followers now refer to anyone who disagrees with them as Communists. We have already experienced the McCarthy era once.

I don’t think another pass through that gutter will benefit us as a nation. We need to care enough about our country to use the right to free speech judiciously.

Patricia Fraser

West Falls