There’s nothing educational about animals kept in cages

Cute as can be, the hamster was pictured in an ad from a pet shop in Sunday’s News, offering a 25 percent discount when purchased. Wow! You even get a discount on this little guy. A hamster kit could also be purchased with a cage that did not look roomy enough.

Once sold, I wondered how he would be cared for. Would he be given enough attention, exercise, treats, proper handling? Or, ignored in his cage after the initial attraction had worn off?

I was in a pet shop once and there were turtles in a tank that kept constantly clawing at the side of their tank trying to climb out. What was the point?

Another time, I asked about some of the animals in a pet shop and why they were there and was told that “it’s educational.” What is educational about caged animals?

You see, I am not a fan of pet shops and, if I were king of the world, there would be none.

Judith Manka

East Amherst