El Museo Francisco Oller y Diego Rivera (91 Allen St.) will open an exhibition of work by Buffalo Public School students with a reception beginning at 5 p.m. today that coincides with the Allentown First Fridays Gallery Walk. “The Visual Text,” meant to showcase the talents of Buffalo’s teachers and students, explores the connections between imagery and the written word.

It was coordinated by Michele Agosto, longtime supervisor of the Buffalo Public Schools art programs and El Museo Director Craig Centrie.

In a statement, Centrie called the exhibition “a perfect example of the ongoing collaborations between not-for-profits and social institutions that create better outcomes for all.” Agosto praised the city schools’ art teachers: “As they teach our children how to create, manipulate materials, analyze, interpret, speak and write about art, they are also developing key skills in communicating thoughts and ideas through imagery.”

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– Colin Dabkowski