NEXUS enlists 100,000 in ‘trusted travelers’ program

The international program that allows visitors to travel between the United States and Canada more quickly celebrated its 100,000th local member.

Seth Hollett, a 13-year-old hockey player from Niagara Falls, Ont., was met by Sabretooth, the Buffalo Sabres’ mascot, and hockey announcer Rick Jeanneret on Friday, in honor of his NEXUS registration.

Hollett is the 100,000th NEXUS cardholder in the Buffalo Niagara region, which includes the Peace Bridge in Buffalo and the Whirlpool, Rainbow and Lewiston-Queenston bridges in Niagara County.

The program allows “trusted travelers,” who have been pre-screened, to travel over the bridges quickly using a designated lane. The NEXUS card can also be used for marine and air travel between the United States and Canada.