Harrington’s about-face on Bonds disappointing

I was disappointed to read Mike Harrington’s statement that he would vote Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens into the Hall of Fame. It was not too long ago that he would not even write Bonds’ name.

The Hall Of Fame is not a church, but it is a very special place for baseball fans. The mistakes and errors of the past do not condone the mistakes and errors of the present or future. Players such as Shoeless Joe Jackson of the 1919 Chicago White Sox are not in the Hall Of Fame because of cheating. Why should it change now?

David R. Parks


Strong commissioners get their way in major sports

The four major sports in America have strong-armed commissioners.

NHL: Gary Bettman. Enough said. Two lockouts in less than a decade. He represents the league and the owners. Meanwhile, the fans, bars and downtown businesses suffer. Do you think he cares?

NFL: I like WNYer Roger Goodell, but blackout rules and scheduling hurt the Buffalo area. Small market, cold-weather teams don’t sell very well if their team isn’t in the playoff hunt. Four of our last five games at home in December? For a team predicted to be at .500 or possibly make a playoff run, it’s a hard sell – especially given the economy and the Christmas season. Who makes these schedules. The NFL.

The blackouts do a disservice to small markets like Buffalo. I will still listen on the radio.

NBA: Commish David Stern levies a $250,000 fine on the Spurs for resting star players at Miami. Tim Duncan is no spring chicken. Again, blame the scheduling. Eleven of their first 17 games on the road, including six straight in nine days. C’mon.

Shouldn’t the coach be allowed to play or rest who he wants, especially when they’re “elder statesmen” like Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili? It’s his job to win a championship, not delight the fans of Miami who have LeBron, Wade and Bosh.

The Spurs “reserves” almost won anyhow. Don’t blame Coach Pop, blame the scheduling. “Old” guys needed a break. And who makes the schedules? The NBA.

Greg Lureman

North Tonawanda

Chan’s decision to try long field goal in rain interesting

My daughter and son-in-law recently relocated to Indiana. What a great chance to see their new home and attend the Bills-Colts game. As we entered the Stadium in all of our Bills colors, not one person hassled us our whole time at the game. Some people actually wished us good luck today and the rest of the year.

It made coach Gailey’s decision to try and pin the Colts deep instead of kicking a 52-yard field goal indoors, a little easier to take. After all, Rian Lindell was only 15 out of 16 this year when Chan decided a 50-yarder in a rain storm was the right call against Jacksonville.

Joe Smith


Still too early for Bills to bail on playoff quest

The NFL has set up a December schedule for the Bills to relieve their playoff drought. Four of five home games against supposedly weak opposition. One win already against Mike Mularkey. Maybe coach has taken something to clear his head and believe that he has the running backs to win a few more games. 5-7 puts us in the mix and makes parity almost a reality. The playoffs haven’t given up hope. Why should we?

Paul DiVito


It’s time for Reed to get his due from the Hall of Fame

Former Buffalo Bills great Andre Reed is again a finalist for the sixth time for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Andre Reed who holds most if not all of Buffalo’s receiving records and was one of the most exciting players to put on a Bills uniform

He was one of the major anchors for the Bills’ run to four straight Super Bowls.

Andre has paid his dues and should be elected to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. It’s time to punch his ticket this year and give him his place among the football greats.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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