Canalside maintenance should be a no-brainer

There should be no question as to who or whom is in charge of maintaining the Canalside venue. These issues, one would assume, are hammered out before the first shovel goes into the ground.

In a region with overlapping agencies – city, county, state, Buffalo Place, development groups, etc. – one need not wonder why it takes a miracle to accomplish any forward progress.

The Canalside experiment has been a hit. The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. has done an exemplary job of planning and molding the future of the waterfront area that was once a wasteland. We need not let it become an eyesore or too shopworn by bureaucratic infighting or lack of foresight. And we do not need to create yet another agency to handle these tasks. The maintenance issue is a no-brainer. By the way, who will maintain the canal areas and winter ice rinks when completed? Figure it out, ladies and gentlemen, and soon!

Scott Gorton