National sales tax would raise revenue

So, what to make of the election? Exit polls show some of the groups voting for President Obama overwhelmingly want the government to do more. More what? And who pays for it?

Back in the ’50s and ’60s, when I grew up, people and families did for themselves. There was little or no government anything. You worked whatever jobs were available to support yourself and your family. With today’s generous welfare benefits, food stamps and long-term unemployment checks, who wants to work?

Since we are pretty much a 50/50 society now as to those who pay federal income tax and those who don’t, there are fewer taxpayers to support all of these federal government programs. The simplistic solution of taxing the rich isn’t going to solve our deficit/spending problems; not enough money there. So I suggest a national sales tax. This way, everyone pays. And if people want more “stuff,” then they will have to pay for it along with the rest of us working taxpayers.

Bill Stetz