Kiosks can’t compete with an actual library

I became very angry when I read of the mini libraries being erected in the Parkside neighborhood. This simply should not be necessary.

My love of reading took root during story hours in the basement of the Fairfield Library. My family spent many happy hours there. We actually wept when it closed.

I now live in East Amherst, where I am fortunate to be a patron of the Clearfield branch. My grandchildren live in the Central Park area. I believe they have a right to a quality library like the Clearfield in their neighborhood. After all, those residents pay some of the highest property taxes in the city.

When the county closed both the Fairfield and Hertel branches, it promised that North Buffalo would soon get a nice new library. What happened to that promise? The proposed kiosks will never be able to compete with a full-service facility. I believe the county should erect a library to serve the highly educated residents of that area.

Mary Ann Gerstle

East Amherst