Many offended by signs just chose to ignore them

After reading Rod Watson’s column about Joseph Shimburski, there are a few points I’d like to make clear. Shimburski repeatedly has said that he has had more comments for his anti-Obama signs than against them. I can tell you that every time I traveled down Center Road on the way to visit my son or my friends, his signs offended me. His sign, “Obama, not my President” was especially offensive. One wonders why he still lives in America. As with many people who annoy me, I try to ignore them because giving them attention seems to reward them. I had hoped that after this election, however it turned out, the insults would come to a halt.

I realize that someone can be extremely unhappy with a president. During President George W. Bush’s second term, I called him insulting names. My friend pointed out to me that even if I did not like his actions, that it was disrespectful to speak of the president in an insulting way. Yes, Shimburski is free to put up his signs, but there are most likely more people who are offended than are not, as evidenced by the last election. I suspect that the people who are offended don’t want to waste their time on him.

Nancy Denecke