Don’t paint whole town with one broad brush

I cannot not condone the actions of Joseph L. Shimburski of the Town of Aurora on his choice of expressing a political view through questionable, self-made political satire. However, Rod Watson in his column reflects on driving through the town as though he was in 1950s Mississippi. Watson points out the American flags, Christmas decorations and at least two lawn jockeys, wondering how the town kids are growing up where such displays are tolerated.

Well, they are growing up in a town where differences are settled by talking to neighbors or town hall meetings or articles in the local paper and not by gunfire or street violence. I also must applaud Watson (an African-American) for the courage it must have taken to approach a 78-year-old white man’s house and be first confronted by his “pleasant wife” and moments later by Shimburski himself. After a conversation and a final ungloved hand shake, Watson left the Town of Aurora, and probably in his mindset all the corncob-smoking, moonshine-drinking, gun-toting residents.

Albert Damiani

Grand Island