Not all rural folks agree with anti-Obama signs

I often drive out to Colden on Center Street and have looked with aggravation since 2008 at the big red and white sign that says “Obama Not My President.” I’ve been tempted to add my two cents to the sign: “grammar not my forte,” but only in my imagination. Another sign on the property says “Say No to Obamacare.”

This person really doesn’t like our president.

Recently when I drove by I noticed a sign, since removed, I hadn’t seen before. It said “Voters Reniged.” Another sign says “Still No President.” When I got home I read T.J. Pignataro’s article in The News, “A sign of free speech – or of racism?” and was surprised to see that only one person has complained to the police.

I’d like to publicly add my complaint to that of Paul Bradford. I also don’t like the inference in the article that many “rural people” agree with the words on these signs. My husband and I are rural people and we certainly do not agree.

Of course, Joseph L. Shimburski, the sign author and person who says “if they think it’s racist, tough crap,” is completely within his rights to think and say whatever he wants, but I am embarrassed for him nevertheless.

Deborah M. Sullivan

South Wales