A 19-year-old Buffalo man and three juveniles were charged earlier this week with mugging, pistol-whipping and robbing a Buffalo cab driver of $190 and his personal papers, including a Hungarian passport, Buffalo police said.

Rokym K. Knox, 19, of Emslie Street, and his three companions were arrested just after midnight Monday, police said.

Knox was charged with first-degree robbery and felony assault and weapons counts.

A sawed-off shotgun with a pistol grip, used in the attack on the cabbie, was recovered by police on South Division Street, according to a police report. Police did not release the charges against the three juveniles involved in the case.

Knox and the three juveniles called for a cab to pick them up at an address blocks away from the crime scene, police reported, and when the cabbie got them to Seymour and Emslie streets about 12;20 a.m., he was slammed on the back of his head by the sawed-off shotgun and robbed. The cabbie victim suffered what police described as “a large contusion to the back of the head.”