The cost of attending basketball games in the Iroquois School District this season will be $1, or half of last season’s admission price.

Superintendent Douglas Scofield and the School Board made the decision Wednesday night after Athletic Director Duke Ziegler brought the matter to their attention.

“I was just listening to the community,” Ziegler said. “They’d say, ‘I’ve got to pay to watch my son or daughter play?’ ”

Scofield said that a survey of area schools showed that about 80 percent collect for boys basketball, 50 percent collect for boys and girls basketball, and about 20 percent don’t collect any money at the door.

Board member Charles Specht, who said he didn’t mind paying to watch his sons play basketball, thought the district should be more consistent. He proposed dropping admission for basketball games because the district doesn’t charge spectators at wrestling, swimming or volleyball events.

Waiving admission in favor of free-will donations was proposed by board member Nickole Garrison, while board member Michelle Hovey was concerned that reducing or eliminating tickets could strain budget revenues.

Last year, door receipts ran about $2,900, minus $800 in ticket taker fees, netting $2,100 for the district.

Officials agreed that if admission totals drop below the $800 break-even point, it would revisit the decision.

The School Board discussed, but did not change, the price for football games: $2 for adults and $1 for students. Home football games bring in $6,000 to $8,000 annually for the district, depending upon whether the team makes the playoffs.

In other matters, Scofield said the district’s annual Professional Performance Review plan was approved by the state Education Department, one of only 200 in the state, thereby securing $821,000 in funds associated with the review.

“Our teachers union has been great to work with,” Scofield said. “We’re building a system of continued improvement here, not a ‘gotcha’ system.”

Also, a decision on whether a home-schooled student could participate in the high school musical was postponed. The district is awaiting a survey from faculty club advisers, as well as information from the girl’s parents on school districts where home-schooled students are allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.