Hospice workers do incredible job

I have had two recent experiences with hospice and I just can’t say enough good about it. A close friend passed and hospice was there with him to take care of any of his needs through the final months.

Last week, I lost my sister. Hospice cared for her at home and then transferred her to its in-patient facility for 24/7 care. Not only did the caregivers manage her pain very well, but they were patient in answering all of my questions as things came up that I didn’t understand.

While we are asked to deal with the dying process occasionally, the hospice professionals deal with it daily. It takes a special kind of person to do that. They called me the week before she passed to tell me they noticed that her birthday was coming up and wanted to know if they could do a cake or flowers as appropriate. They also called our home after her passing to express their condolences. Their compassion and concern is not just with the person in their care, but with the family and friends also.

If you know someone who works for hospice, thank him or her. They sure deserve it.

Richard DeLisle

West Seneca