LOCKPORT – Paul J. Schubert, the suspect in a series of armed robberies this fall in the Niagara Falls area, will enter a guilty plea next week, it was announced Wednesday in Niagara County Court.

Court-appointed defense attorney David J. Mansour, who worked out the deal, told County Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas that Schubert wants another attorney, Arthur E. Jackson, to accompany him next Wednesday for the plea.

Jackson already is representing Schubert on an unrelated drug case.

The offer is for Schubert to plead guilty to two robberies in exchange for Farkas’ promise not to give him more than 10 years in prison, plus another two and a third to seven years on the drug charge.

Schubert, 21, of Townsend Place, Niagara Falls, balked at the plea last week, alleging that Mansour told him he wasn’t being paid enough to get him a better deal. Deputy District Attorney Doreen M. Hoffmann said Schubert could be indicted on five or six robbery charges, each carrying a 25-year maximum sentence.