ALBANY – State Thruway officials say they are now looking at all alternatives to a 45 percent toll increase on trucks, and they are not ruling out a broader increase that will also hit passenger cars as a way of helping raise the $90 million annually envisioned by the planned increase on large trucks.

The agency’s board is set to meet Dec. 17 to consider plans for a new downstate bridge across the Hudson River – set to cost upwards of $5 billion. Thruway Executive Director Thomas Madison would not say if the toll hike increase also will be on the agenda.

In May the agency proposed a 45 percent increase on three-axle vehicles, which would affect not only large trucks but vacationers hauling certain-size campers behind their cars or trucks.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Wednesday, during a public meeting with his agency commissioners, reiterated his call that a toll increase only be done as a “last resort.’’ The agency is run by Cuomo appointees.

After the meeting, Madison said the agency is still examining a “whole range’’ of ideas to raise the $90 million.