Why is CIA allowed to lie to the public?

Each day we read of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and her account of what happened at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi. Did she mislead the public? Was she just telling us what she had been told? The CIA says that it knew it was a terrorist attack, but deliberately kept that information out of the briefing that was given to Rice.

The real question is not what Rice said or knew, but why the CIA deliberately misleads the American public. This is not the first time it has lied to us. The CIA gave false information to Colin Powell, who then appeared before the United Nations to justify the war with Iraq.

What was the purpose in hiding the fact that it was a terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi? Certainly the terrorists knew that they were the ones who did it. Therefore, the only ones kept ignorant were the American people. What the Congress should be concerned with is whether the so-called intelligence community lies for the sake of lying or whether there is a legitimate purpose to its deceit. Or, does the CIA even know what it is doing. Perhaps it should be better controlled.

Alan Levine