Although diverse, we’re all connected

Kudos to Rod Watson for his courage in visiting the purveyor of the racist sign in the Town of Aurora, and for the reminder to me to stop and take a stand for what I believe in.

Thanks to Joe Shimburski, I am once more reminded that there are still too many of us who have been misguided and misdirected, perhaps long ago by parents, peers, even pastors, who never really got that although diverse, we are not separate but one, irrevocably connected with one another and with all of creation, as taught by our major faith traditions and more recently by science as well.

Whenever we listen to radio talk show hosts and others who spew hatred and foster division, we allow them, to use spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle’s language, to massage “our pain bodies,” which keeps wounds festering and keeps us stuck in victimhood, fear, resentment and blame.

I believe in free speech; but when it is racist or otherwise harmful, it needs to be countered with what uplifts rather than divides our community. What if we all looked deeply into our own hearts and acknowledged both the good and the dishonorable therein? Despite our own brokenness, what if we consciously chose to reach toward the light, made an intention to act out of our higher instincts, aimed to be what we want others to be? What if more of us took a stand for what is right? What if a whole village took a stand?

Mary O’Herron