Rich are already paying more than their fair share

People have heard for many months now, from President Obama, Warren Buffett, the media and many others, that we should “tax the rich” and make them pay “their fair share.” This is pure nonsense and pure folly! First, it fans the fires of class warfare and doesn’t even make a dent in our burdening debt and deficit. Secondly, the rich are paying 70 percent of all the taxes already. Don’t people think that’s more than their fair share?

Think about something that no one has been mentioning – the many foundations created by the rich, such as the Rockefeller and the Oishei Foundations, as well as many others that contribute to charities throughout America and the world in astronomical amounts of money per year.

In times of recession, when we have to create jobs, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the job creators. Let’s stop the divisive rhetoric and, as we heard many times during the campaign, “move forward,” trim spending, reduce the deficit and create jobs. “Tax the rich” is only a symbolism for a socialistic agenda that has constantly failed throughout history. It is failing now in Europe and will doom the financial system that has made America a beacon to the world.

Richard D. Grisanti