Elitist view is evident in remark about renters

So, Lynn Olson does not want “renters” in her Hamburg neighborhood. By her statement in the Nov. 27 News, she implies that they are second-class citizens, undesirables. What a prime example of elitism and snobbishness. My husband and I have been homeowners and now are renters. We are the same people now as we were then.

There are many reasons why people rent. In our case, being elderly was the reason. For others, ill health or disabilities may be the reason. What about hard-working, good people whose income prevents them from owning a home? Others have a good-paying job but travel a lot and want to avoid the hassle of home security and maintenance during their absence. Her statement proves that being a homeowner does not make you a better citizen or more valuable member of society.

Irene Skieresz