NIAGARA FALLS – A 22-year-old city man was cut on the face and shoulder by a neighbor who allegedly got angry when the victim called police to report him early Sunday.

Leaorn Burch, 29, of Memorial Parkway, was charged just before 5:30 a.m. with second-degree assault with a weapon and second-degree burglary. Police said they located Burch walking down the street bleeding from a cut on his hand.

The neighbor told police that he was in his apartment with his girlfriend and two children and called police when Burch and others were arguing upstairs. Police responded, spoke to a woman at the door, then left when they determined no one was injured and the fighting had ceased.

The neighbor said Burch came down and pounded on his door after police left and the two fought verbally with the door closed. The victim said when he opened the door Burch jumped him, cutting him on the face and shoulder with a knife.

The injured man was taken to Erie County Medical Center to meet with a plastic surgeon for his injuries, police reported.