Graffiti as a form of art?

Aaron Ferguson, a young Buffalo filmmaker who has studied at Buffalo State College, will explore the question of whether graffiti is an art or a crime in the premier screening of his “Nickel City Vandals” at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in Daddy’s Garage, a new graffiti gallery and store at 586 E. Ferry St.

In addition to the free public screening, there will be a simultaneous free graffiti art show featuring the work of artists from Rochester, Toronto, Philadelphia and Buffalo, some of whom are featured in the film.

“My film is about the graffiti scene here in Buffalo,” Ferguson said. “This film exposes a fresh side of the graffiti culture from a Buffalo point of view. The question of graffiti being an art or a crime is something that is addressed in the film as well as the legal consequences of doing graffiti.”

Ferguson urged, “Come and experience the Buffalo Graffiti Culture. Learn about a piece of Buffalo that has not been shown before. You will walk away with a better understanding of what graffiti is and who exactly are the kids that are involved in it.”

A Buffalo artist who goes by the name of Brakes established the Daddy’s Garage gallery and store a few months ago to stock graffiti art supplies and specialty paints. Ferguson has produced short documentaries on various phases of life in Buffalo as part of his film studies at Buffalo State.