Extending UB coach Quinn a real head-scratcher

Danny White, UB’s athletic director, has made one of the more questionable decisions in Western New York sports history in giving Jeff Quinn a three-year contract extension. Quinn’s only won nine out of 36 games in three seasons.

White also did it on Thanksgiving eve when most UB fans were distracted. He hurried and did it before a final loss and before fans could voice their opinion.

Ever since Quinn has been here, players have either left the team (Zach Maynard) or disappeared altogether (Jerry Davis). Yet, when Turner Gill left in 2009, Quinn inherited quality players – the type of players who could be part of a championship team. However, after this season it is apparent that the football cupboard will be bare because Quinn has done such a poor job of recruiting.

When we look around the country at other programs whose teams finished 4-8 (Western Michigan and California), they fired their unproductive coaches. UB thinks it’s OK to reward incompetency. In a few years both White and Quinn will be gone. And we will look back on November 21, 2012 as the day college football died in Western New York.

Danny White owes the area an answer to a simple question: What was your hurry in giving Quinn an extension? No one was going to hire him anyway.

David Hampton


So much for that desperate heroic playoff run by Bills

So this was your urgent playoff run? You barely beat the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football and that was it? Bills management: Ryan Fitzpatrick is a horrible quarterback who cannot generate touchdowns.

Dave Milo


History continues to keep repeating itself with Bills

We seem to be going through movie reruns in Buffalo. Doesn’t it seem like “Groundhog Day” all over again when we watch the Bills?

We’re into December now and Buffalo has little chance to make the playoffs, again. And after the dismal records of Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey and Dick Jauron, we now have the dismal record of Chan Galley.

Once more we have a weak GM, Buddy Nix, making all kinds of mistakes just like former GMs Russ Brandon and Marv Levy, missing on draft picks like Rob Gronkowski, Andy Dalton and Seattle rookie QB Russell Wilson in favor of Torell Troup, Aaron Williams and T.J. Graham. He then made untimely roster decisions like cutting a second string QB just before opening day or taking a valuable roster spot for a kickoff specialist we drafted and then cutting him.

But don’t blame the weak GMs or weak coaches. When they tell you just like in “Oz,” “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” do exactly the opposite because it is the “man behind the curtain” who calls the shots and refuses to pick a top GM the likes of Bill Polian or Bill Parcells, you know, someone with real moxie who makes good decisions on draft day and during the season. It must be an “ego” thing for the “man behind the curtain.”

Is it Ralph Wilson or is it some “invisible man” calling the shots? Only the phantom knows.

John W. Kowalski


Poorly run organization’s future hangs in the balance

Enough is enough.

Another pitiful performance by the Bills team and coaching staff occurred Sunday in Indianapolis. The reason history repeats itself is because nobody listens the first time, and this seems like the Bills swan song every week, after every season.

As Ralph Wilson lives out his twilight years, there is no reason that the Bills players and staff should do likewise.

You get what you pay for is never more evident when it comes to the Bills coaching and management. As far as players salary, this is also relative at many positions.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has not performed well as starter at the quarterback position.

Throw in Buddy and Chan and you have the formula for a disastrous season that is now reality.

The Bills marketing and future attendance is now hanging on a thread, due to a poor product disguised as a football organization.

Tony Hammill

South Buffalo

Breathalyzer would solve drunken fan issue at Ralph

The answer to the problem of drunken fans at Ralph Wilson Stadium is so simple I’m amazed it’s been overlooked.

Use the Breathalyzer for fans entering the stadium. Currently gate attendants use subjective judgment on who to turn away for intoxication.

Asking fans who fit the heavy drinking profile to undergo a simple Breathalyzer test is no more intrusive than the current patdowns used seeking bottles or flasks of booze.

And the Bills will not lose any revenue since those lined up at the gate have already purchased their tickets.

I have a strong hunch that a fan will temper his drinking before hand if he realized he may not see his favorite team in action.

Cheryl Cranston

West Seneca

Ex-Bill Ernie Warlick will always be remembered

The sad news from my hometown of Buffalo that Ernie Warlick has passed away touched me deeply.

Like everyone who grew up in Buffalo in the 1960s, I was a passionate fan of the Bills. I loved those Bills teams. Those players were my heroes. The sports heroes of our youth always have a special place in our hearts.

Ernie was special for more than his standout play on the football field at the “Rockpile.” I admire him for his leadership as the spokesperson in the players’ boycott of the 1965 AFL All-Star game.

The game was to be played at Tulane in New Orleans in January 1965. But, the African-American players were subjected to such discrimination, disrespect and discourtesy in New Orleans that Warlick and the other African-American All-Stars (who also included Butch Byrd, Elbert Dubenion and Cookie Gilchrist from the Bills) took a vote among themselves and refused to play the game unless it was moved. In a remarkable show of solidarity, the white players supported the protest. AFL commissioner Joe Foss moved the game to Houston.

Over time, as I learned the story of Ernie Warlick and the ’65 AFL All-Star game, I came to see him in a new light. I gained a more profound respect for my boyhood hero.

David Aquilina

Minneapolis, MN

Fan believes he’s figured out Gailey’s offensive game plan

I have figured out Chan Gailey’s Game Plan...

1. Give the ball to C.J. Spiller.

2. If he makes positive yardage twice, immediately pull him out.

3. Have Ryan Fitzpatrick throw two incomplete passes or an interception, whichever comes first.

4. Punt.

Note: Under no circumstances let C.J. touch the ball on short yardage or in the fourth quarter.

Bob Hopkins


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