What is best for kids is no longer a priority

I’m watching with alarm the reports of school districts going bankrupt in the near future. Reductions in state funding over the years have led to greater reliance on local property tax funding. The pressure this put on local taxpayers was such that, instead of rolling back mandates to help schools reduce costs, our legislators voted in a 2 percent tax levy cap.

We’re living under understandable financial restrictions, but there are no restrictions to the expectations placed on schools for greater accountability and higher achievement.

The goals are laudable, but the path to get there seems to be just one test after another, while the teachers and support systems that help kids learn get cut in budget after budget.

In reality, there is not one group that can fix this situation. It will take all groups, and all systems, and all of us to make changes. The truth is that “what is best for our kids” is the last thing being considered, and it is exactly where the discussion should start.

This is something educators, legislators and taxpayers need to consider before further damage is done.

Debra A. Ritz

North Collins